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Search Tips

1. When beginning your search, select only one - your most important - criteria.
If you get too many results, then add a second criteria to limit your search results more.
Continue adding one more criteria until you have a 'manageable' number of results.

2. When you have a list of search results that you like, make a note of the criteria that you have used.
By having your criteria note available, you can easily go back to that list of results in the future.

3. When you have narrowed down your list of search results to just a couple of properties, make a note of each Property's ID.
It appears below the Reservation Request, and is just a number - the property ID #. eg. 25
You can simply put this Property ID # into the Search form's Property ID field, and then do a Search to immediately see just that one property.

4. You can also use the Search Keyword / Tag field to search for a word or phrase.
When you click on the Search button, each property's Name, Description and Amenities are scanned for your search tag, and those properties are returned in the search results. For example, if you were looking for a property with a pool, enter the word ... pool ... as your search tag.

5. You can use the link at the bottom of the Search Results to return to the Search form to search again.
Using the link is much faster than scrolling back up to the Search form at the top of the page.
Notice there is also a blue button 'Property Search' at the bottom of the page.
But when you click on this button, it re-opens the page and you will lose your existing search criteria setup.
This works fine of course when beginning a new search.

6. Here's another method of finding a property when you know it's Name or ID#.
At the bottom of every page you will see a blue area named 'Property List'.
Clicking on this link will display a list of the Names of all our properties that are active, along with their property ID#, and each is a link directly to that property's listing page.
Notice also at the top of the page that you can sort the list by either Property Name or Property ID#.
Simply select your preference and click on the 'Sort NOW' button.



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